Petrobras ‘ restructuring programme is presented

Corporate Affairs Executive Director of Petrobras, Hugo Repsold Junior, was at the meeting of the Business Council of oil and gas of FIRJAN System to talk to businessmen about the State's restructuring process. The debate presented the main changes in the process of acquisition of goods and services of the company and the impact that these changes may bring to the competitiveness of the productive sector in the State of Rio.

The President of the Council, Armando Gh rabbit, commented the future possibilities for the oil and gas market in Brazil: "the context that is opening up brings extremely positive perspective in relation to the application of other companies not Petrobras. To take advantage of this opportunity, I believe the robust investment programs will interested, impacting the market in volume and productivity ".

Repsold Junior explained that, before a crisis scenario, Petrobras had as main demands the adoption of new governance and compliance practices in key processes and the development of a new management model.

"In this review, the company was deeper in the analysis of financial conditions and sought to strengthen the four pillars that guide every decision that has been taken with the aim of putting it into a robust and resume growth," he said.

The pillars, as detailed Repsold Junior, considered mainly the issues, major problem faced today by the State. "The first pillar sought to increase revenue of Petrobras. Corrected prices and brought back to the levels of the market. The second was the installation of a cost management program, through review of budgets. The third focused on concentration of investments in better profitability projects and divestitures, without leaving aside the encouragement to research and technology ", explained the Director.

The Executive Manager of supply of goods and services of Petrobras, Eberaldo de Almeida, stressed that the integration between the supplier chain is essential to stimulate the competitiveness of the oil and gas market. "We have to add companies that operate on different fronts to providing an integrated solution efficiently by following a model already implemented in the world".

Eberaldo de Almeida also justified: "In times of crisis, we must strengthen dialogue and seek new partnerships and investments. Today, the priority of Petrobras's competitiveness and we are working hard to fulfill the business plan we have set, "pondering:" I think we started a comeback, but it takes a lot of tranquility to establish all these processes ".


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