Petrobras ' investment project Falls US $1 Bi

The investment forecast for 2017 Petrobras had a reduction of us $1 billion, going from us $17 bi to $16 billion. According to the Director of exploration and production of the state, Solange Guedes, this reduction reflects the postponement of exploration of new wells for 2018, which for it represents optimization.

The CFO and Investor Relations Officer, Ivan Monteiro, clarified that a decrease in investment value occurred as a result of the transfer to 2018 of the construction of platforms, the Route 3 pipeline and the adjustments on the schedule of the Turtle project Green.

In the third quarter, the State had a reduction of 9.3% of the annual investment, totaling 9.3 billion reais. Since 2015, the company has been presenting cuts in its business plan and management in order to adapt to the exchange rates and the price of oil.

Already with the sale of assets in the quarter, Petrobras received only 3 million of reais, as part of its deinvestment program, when in 2016, more R $2.3 billion were collected only with the recipe. On the sale of assets registered in 2015-2016, they entered the cashier $ $7.8 billion of US $13.6 billion.

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