Eden Project will work with geothermal energy

The Council of Cornwall and the European Union (EU) announced That will finance scheme for exploration of clean geothermal energy to heat The large biomms of the project Eden. Drilling should begin in the coming months, still without definite date, and The initially stipulated value is 16.8 million pounds.

An impeccable replica of the rainforest and the Mediterranean climate, the Eden Project is characterised by two gigantic greenhouses that house various species and vegetables. The complex, which is located in Cornwall, England, will receive an exploration project of ' hot Stones ' under attraction.

The co-founder of the Eden Project, Sir Tim Smit, said the plan Geothermal has been the biggest leap to Eden since it was inaugurated in 2001. "Since we began, Eden dreamed that the world should be fed by Renewable energy. The sun can provide massive solar energy and the wind has been harnessed by mankind for thousands of years, but because both are intermitent and battery technology still can't store everything we need, There is a gap, "reported Smit.


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