Project ends Petrobras' pre-salt preference

In the House of Representatives the Bill (PL) 5007/20, which seeks to end the right of preference of Petrobras in the exploration of pre-salt. The PL reformulates Law 12.351/10, which created the current sharing exploitation regime and aims to replace it with concession.

Today, Petrobras has the right guaranteed by the law of preference over the blocks that will be tendered. The state becomes operator of the blocks as soon as chosen and has a minimum participation of 30%. With this, it has greater control over exploration and investments. The new PL provides that at any time the consorciates may designate another operator.

The bill also amends other points of the sharing law, such as the payment of the union's surplus in kind (now paid in oil and gas) by the consortium. In addition, the text also vetoes the possibility of privilege, benefit, preference or competitive advantage in bids for the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the pre-salt.


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