Project brings lighting to the riverside region

The Ilumina Pantanal Project, which took 5 years of research and had about R$ 10 million invested, will bring solar energy to a riverside community in the Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul. The region that is only accessed by boat or air way is one of the localities that still face the problem of lack of access to energy.The goal is that by December, Energisa will benefit about 1,335 families with the kit that is funded by the Light for All Program of the Federal Government.

The system, which has a lithium battery, has the capacity to meet the demand of a residence for up to two days, even if there is no capture in this period. According to Heber Selvo, project manager, the idea is to meet the demand of a residence with three lamps, a refrigerator and a television.

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