Zeg Ambiental project transforms waste into energy

Zeg Ambiental has developed a technology called FlashBox, capable of generating 1 to 2 MW of energy per ton of urban and industrial waste, recycled and processed. The project was developed after a research that found that the countries with higher HDI (Human Development Index) are the ones with the highest rates of waste recycling.

In Brazil, innovation generates expectations and surprise, since although the country has a high rate of solid waste generation and maintains more than 3,000 open dumps, it does not offer WTE (power generating plants through urban waste) projects.

For its implementation, it is necessary to go through bidding in municipalities that want to join the project or carry out a Public Private Partnership (PPP). Only after this approval that the deployment project begins, which can take from 8 to 12 months and contracts can vary between 20 and 30 years.

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