Tamar Project no longer has sponsorship from Petrobras

After 40 years of partnership, which stood out for the success of the project of rescue and return of sea turtles to the ocean (Tamar Project), the Pró-Tamar Foundation (FPT) ended the sponsorship contract with Petrobras. According to the entity, the reason for this termination would be the desire to act with another form of partnership and financing.

According to Roberto Ardenghy, Director of Institutional Relationship and Sustainability at Petrobras, this project caused immense pride, "it is a reason of great satisfaction that we participated, from the beginning, in this story that brought so many positive results for the recovery of sea turtle populations, as well as research actions, environmental education and social inclusion."

Now, the state wants to continue with other social and environmental projects, which are already being selected through the public selection of the Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program. Olinta Cardoso, executive manager of social responsibility at Petrobras, says that the selection of new projects is already being made through public selection of the Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program. "Soon, we will announce the expansion of our social and environmental sponsorship portfolio," he said.

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