It provider closes systems integration projects with the oil and gas industry

The Speedcast International Limited, the world's most trusted provider of it solutions and fully managed remote communications, announced have closed two new systems integration projects with one of the leading manufacturers of oil and gas sector.

In both contracts, Speedcast was named communications systems integrator, responsible for all components of telecommunications. Under the terms of the contracts, Speedcast will design, integrate, test and provide the entire solution of communications systems.

The first of these projects is the support for a new wellhead platform being located offshore in Brazilian waters and the telecommunications package includes 14 systems. The second of these projects is to a new platform to support the pipeline to be located in the Gulf of Mexico and the telecommunications package includes 19 systems. These systems include elements such as large networks and local networks, closed circuit TV (CCTV), business phones, speakers and general alarm (paid), TV reception (TVRO) and meteorological monitoring.

"Be indicated as responsible for the telecommunications component of both projects is evidence of great progress that we continue to do, developing our systems integration business," said Keith Johnson, Executive Vice President of Speedcast energy. "These victories not only in position well for the continued support of these projects, but also for future projects. Our global team of system integration provides our customers a huge value to ensure that your communications system is designed, built and installed by a global team trained, certified and experienced ".

The experience in integrating systems of Speedcast spans 30 years and includes design and engineering, purchasing, testing, installation and maintenance for all the needs of communications, entertainment, security systems and monitoring services to navigation equipment, streaming video, Internet of things (IoT), and more.

About Speedcast International Limited

The Speedcast International Ltd (ASX: SDA) is the world's most trusted provider of it solutions and remote communications fully managed and highly reliable. The company uses an extensive global footprint of local support, infrastructure and coverage to design, integrate, protect, and enhance networks designed specifically to meet the needs of customers. With a differentiated technology, an intense customer focus and a strong culture of safety, Speedcast serves more than 2,000 clients in over 140 countries through 39 teleports, including offshore rigs and cruise ships, more than 10,000 vessels and more than 4,500 terrestrial sites. The Speedcast support critical applications in sectors such as shipping, oil and gas, business, media, Government and cruise shipping. Learn more at


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