Plumb has the largest and most efficient port complex in the world

Plumb Logistics is a multibusiness company created in October 2007, planned to optimize the development of Brazilian energy and infrastructure sectors, and developed and manages the port of the ACU, located in São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro, and has a position Strategic in the vicinity of the currencies of the states of Rio, Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais, 150 km from the basin of Campos, where they are produced 85% of Brazilian oil.

The company arrived in 2013 already consolidated and received the contribution and control of the American fund that operates in the energy and infrastructure sectors, the EIG Global Energy Partners, providing the plumb comes to develop one of the most efficient and safe complex port and industry of the World.

The EIG has more than US $21.4 billion in more than 300 investments, and has invested US $780 million in plumb logistics that has allowed the plummeting acceleration in port development. The Porto do ACU complex was presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, United States, for the third consecutive time participating in this event.

Sustainability-the company and Port of the ACU activate sustainability actions because they believe as a strategic value for the development of the business of the institution. To do so, they perform activities with attention to environmental and social responsibility, maintaining reciprocity of dialogue and respect to the communities of the region. The guidelines for the sustainability guarantee of these activities listed on one of the pages of the Porto do ACU website are:

-Implementation of tools to prevent pollution of the environment.
-Promoting the rational use of natural resources.
-Prior evaluation in the activities developed by the company of risks and impacts on the environment, as well as the safety and occupational health of the people and communities located in their area of influence.
-Promoting local development.
-Establishment of dialogue channels with the communities.
-Contribution to the protection of biodiversity.
-effective management of solid waste, water resources, effluents and atmospheric emissions.
-Respect and appreciation of the cultural aspects of the region where we operate.
-compliance with legal requirements.
-Implementation of management systems aiming at the continuous improvement of socio-environmental performance.

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