Putin says Russia will freeze oil production

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said at a press conference in Lima, Peru, that the country is prepared to freeze oil production at the current level, without affecting the economy, according to the Agency’s information Sputnik.

“As for the next meeting of Opec and our position, nothing has changed. We affirm that we are ready to freeze production at the level it is at the moment. We do not expect our energy sector is affected by it, “Putin said to a reporter, according to Sputnik.

He even stated that the Minister of energy keep in touch with the main companies in the sector and they are ready to work in that direction.

The Russian President stated that still cannot guarantee that the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (Opec) will reach an agreement on the cut in production of the commodity, but said the Outlook is positive.

“There is a big chance that the deal will be closed, because it seems to me that the main differences within OPEC can be addressed-if not yet,” he said.


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