Fall in the bag makes price of the barrel have devaluation

The strong fall of the American scholarships ne Monday made the price of the oil barrel have one of the worst results in almost four weeks. The WTI oil for March receded to us $0.76 (1.18%) and closed at US $63.39 per barrel, while Brent for April fell US $0.76 (1.12%) going to us $66.86.

The concern with the increase in stocks and the production of oil in the United States has also made the quotations shudder. According to the monthly report released by the American Department of Energy (DoE), production forecasts for 2018 and 2019 in the country increased.

For this year the goal is to explore on average 10,590,000 barrels per day, while for 2019 this number rises 11,180,000 barrels per day, both prospects high above 3% compared to previous forecasts.

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