Eletrobras has a loss of R $1.6 billion this year

On Monday, November 12, Eletrobras disclosed the accumulation of R $1.6 billion net loss in 2018. Over the course of this year, the state has reached a profit of only R $1.275 billion, representing a decline of 44% compared to last year.

Operating revenues remained stable and reached R $8.936 billion. While the company's controller, Eletrobras Holding, had an expense of R $1.621 billion. Compared to net income that closed on R $538 million in the third quarter of the previous year.

These results are a consequence of poor performance in the follow-up of distribution, which also presented a loss of approximately R $998 million. But on the other hand, there was a gain of R $103 million and R $832 million, respectively, in the transmission and power generation sector.

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