R$ 41 billion in new concessions to the river

According to the Firjan, concessions and PPPs can generate more than R$ 41 billion investment in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The system listed, through 2016-2025 Development map, the feasibility of bidding in 126 projects through concessions and public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the State and municipalities in Rio de Janeiro State, totaling R$ 41.1 billion in private investments.

Of the 126 33 projects are of competence of the State, with the potential of R$ 22.4 billion. Already the other 93 projects are municipal jurisdiction, with potential for R$ 18.7 billion. In addition to overriding public investments by private throughout the period of concessions and PPPs, the State still would improve your box with the collecting more taxes from the growth of productive chains. In some projects can still generate earnings with grant-payments for the operation of certain services.


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