R $7.5 billion in repair

Petrobras is expected to pay R $7.5 billion to Itaboraí (RJ) for repairing damage caused to the municipality due to the shutdown of the works of the Comperj (petrochemical complex of Rio de Janeiro). The decision was given during a public hearing held at the ALERJ (Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro), by CPI created to investigate the fiscal crisis that spread through the public vaults of the state of Fluminense. The construction was interrupted due to the spatter of the Petrobrás scandals at Lava Jato fell under the complex.

The shutdown caused severe damage to Itaboraí, which drastically affected about 30000 jobs, according to the mayor of the world. The payment of the state for as a way of retraction of the damages still depends on being formally signed through the term of adjustment of conduct (TAC), which is expected to be signed until next September.

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