R$14 billion auction is passed on to Defense and Education

The extra money raised in the megaauction of the costly assignment already has the right destiny. In the last week, the federal government announced the unlock of the collection; however, the detailing was done only in the latter Friday (22) by the Ministry of Economy.

Thus, the Ministries of Defense and Education received the most of the R$ 14 billion unlocked. According to the federal government, the Ministry of Defense will receive R$ 3.473 billion and the Ministries of Education and Regional Development will have, respectively, R$ 2.695 billion and R$ 1.905 Billion.

Check out the detailing the 14 billion unlocked:

  • Attorney General of the Union: R$ 9.62 million
  • Agriculture, Livestock and Supply: R$ 489 Million
  • Citizenship: R$ 679 million
  • Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications: R$ 1.159 billion
  • Defense: R$ 3.473 billion
  • Regional Development: R$ 1.905 billion
  • Economy: R$ 1.365 billion
  • Education: R$ 2.695 billion
  • Infrastructure: R$ 625 million
  • Justice and Public Security: R$ 731 million
  • Environment: R$ 79 million
  • Mines and Energy: R$ 18.9 million
  • Presidency of the Republic: R$ 192 million
  • Foreign Relations: R$ 200 million
  • Tourism: R$ 245 million
  • Vice-Presidency of the Republic: R$ 1.4 million

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