R $285 bi and 500,000 jobs to the oil industry

The year 2017 promoted in the oil and gas segment changes for the reheating of the market.  Claudia Prates, director of the area of industry and services and basic industry of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), provides that the oil and natural gas sector in Brazil receive investments of R $285 billion up to 2020.

According to Claudia, the bank has the resources to ensure the development of the industry and has classified the current moment as a new resumption of the oil and gas sector.

"We have started a new stage because we have qualified suppliers and mainly we have the challenge in relation to offshore (exploration at sea). There are resources for investments, "she said during the XII Forum of the Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives – IBEF, IBEF of oil and gas, reinforced guarantee at OTC Brasil 2017.

Even within the BNDES, the bank provides that 200,000 small businesses will use credit for working capital. These contributions give favorability with regard to the projection of 500,000 new jobs in the sector up to 2020, starting this year with the release of environmental licenses of 44 platforms and each generates 1,000 direct jobs, plus the optimistic prediction propagated by Petrobras and Ministry of Mines and Energy up to 500,000 jobs up to 2020, already reported here on the Offshore Panorama.

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