Reaction: Petrobras shares and oil prices advance

On Tuesday (10), Petrobras shares reacted to the last day's picture and operated with strong appreciation. Around 11:00 a.m., preferred shares advanced 8.41% to R$ 17.47, after opening up 15.7% to R$ 18.60. Common shares rose 7.86% to R$ 18.25, rising 16.73% before going up for auction. 

Oil prices also reacted. London-based Brent crude added 8.82 percent, or $3.00, to $37.36, and in New York, WTI advanced 8.45 percent, or $2.61, to $33.74.

In addition, the statement by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak also brought more optimism to the situation. Novak said Opec+ could meet between May and June to get more coordination in oil markets. However, Saudi Arabia has taken a stand, saying there is no point in holding a meeting in two, three months if there is no intention of an agreement. 


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