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The product has several Offshore Services Landscape in order to leverage their businesses and has various items that make up a great strategic communication system: portal for news, information, events, social networks, partnerships, newsletter, among others.

Now the Offshore Panorama launches another novelty in terms of newsletter called Panorama Booked. This newsletter, whose first edition was sent in the beginning of the month of April 2017, was a great success. This success lies in the fact that this product is an analysis with comments about the main news linked by Panorama Offshore market of oil, gas and energy.

Reading and interpretation made by Offshore of these Panorama news comes firsthand in the emails registered in our portal. This newsletter is sent once a week every Thursday.

To receive the Panorama reserved simply register your email on our website in the tab "Newsletter". In addition to staying on top of everything that happens in this big market of oil, gas and energy, with this new newsletter format you now also have access to comments and reading of information.


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