Retreat in oil refineries threatens economy

Due to an economic crisis and preference on import of fuel, Brazil went through a drop in petroleum processing in its refineries. According to the national petroleum Agency (ANP), a refined volume last year suffered a fall of 7.5% compared to the year 2015.

The cause of the reduction of refineries is related to the increase in imports of fuel, gasoline and diesel prices have remained high in Brazil in relation to the external market. Thus, companies chose to transport the fuel from the international market instead of buying at Petrobras.

According to the national petroleum Agency (ANP), Brazil has 17 refineries, being 13 of Petrobras ' properties, that 98% of the liable for refined oil in the country. As pronounced the State, this processing refineries was suitable to the situation so as to improve the company's results through the best combination of price and performance.

* Beatriz Collaboration Cunha, a journalism student, supervised by team of Convictiva communication.


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