gas supply reduction can render million dollar loss to Petrobras

When setting the budget of the CDE and regulate subsidies included in the charge this year, Aneel readjusted the volume of gas that considers it necessary for the plants to the North of the country, for the amount 4.1 m³ per day. However, by Petrobras according to Amazonas Energia, to supply the plants in Manaus and other cities of the region, the fixed volume to be 5.5 million cubic meters of gas per day. What will cause the state a loss of R $ 600 million.

Petrobras filed a "request for reconsideration" last week to Aneel, in an attempt to reverse the situation. The government reported that supplies fixed at 5.5 million m³ / day is established by contract and can not be libel by law or administrative act. Aneel said that reducing the volume of gas is in surveillance phase.

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