Reduction of stock does natural gas have new fall in the U.S.

After new reports show that the supply of natural gas has reduced more than expected last week, product futures contracts in the United States have fallen for three months. The value for March delivery went down $0.44, namely 1.5%, going for $2,881,000 per BTU. Before the disclosure, were being traded for $2.912.

Second report, the U.S. natural gas inventory has been reduced by 114 billion cubic feet in the first week of February, however, the expectation of the market was of 124 billion cubic feet. Currently, the store is at 2,445 trillion cubic feet, 12.4% below the volume levels in this same period in 2016.

With higher temperatures forecast for the next few days, the natural gas market is on the defensive because it is estimated that 50% of American homes use natural gas for heating.


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