American refineries increase purchase of Brazilian oil

The interests of the Americans for the Brazilian oil looks like it has been increasing in recent times. Refineries on the East coast of the United States have preferred to buy the national product rather than accept shipments from West Africa. The increase in demand comes at the same time producers like Royal Dutch Shell and Statoil sells its assets in maritime fields of Brazil.

To give an idea, according to data from the Energy Information Administration (IEA) and data from Reuters, Brazilian oil deliveries to the North American East Coast may reach 86000 barrels per day, which suggests 2,400,000 barrels, thus resulting in the biggest monthly export volume since 2009.

The development of sales for the American region meets the current reiteration of the pre-salt fields in Brazil and Latin America, since the types of oil that are being imported are of Iracema, Lula, Pilgrim and Sapinhoá.


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