Process local content rules in the Chamber of urgency

The bill amending the local content rules for the probate oil fields in the chamber's urgency regime. The members approved more agility for the procedure on Wednesday, 13 December, and in this way the text will be progressing faster in the house.

The project seeks to fix minimum percentages of national products and services that must be in the petroleum enterprises, different from what is currently occurring, where local content is required by law, but has no percentages fixed. For the project, the percentages for each oil auction will be: 25% of services and 40% of equipment for the construction of the well; 40% of services and the same value for equipment collection and disposal system; and 25% of services and 40% of equipment used on the oil rigs.

If it is approved by the House, the proposal will be reviewed by the Senate, following the sanction of President Michel to fear. The text was negotiated at the request of the Brazilian Association of Machinery and equipment industry (ABIMAQ) and the Brazil Steel Institute, which claimed that local content rules harm the national industry.

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