Regulation in the LPG market is the agenda of the CNPE meeting

The next meeting of the CNPE is scheduled for August 29th. On the agenda, the creation of the GLP Market Competition Promotion Committee, another step towards changes in the regulation of the sector.

— Proposals for reducing restrictions, such as fractionated filling of residential cylinders, are being studied in the ANP and the government. In Congress, there are projects that discuss the creation of pricing policies and authorizations for LPG uses, for example, as automotive fuel.

CNPE will also discuss the creation of the Aquaviary Fuel Supply Assessment Committee.

Senador Cid Gomes (PDT/CE) considers modifying the PEC 98 of the onerous assignment to increase the transfer of signing bonuses to states and municipalities. The question is whether the percentage of 30% will be calculated before or after the payment to Petrobras-in the proposal approved by the House, the correct with Petrobras is taken, and then the 30% applies.

— "This is a demand that exists to change what has been approved in the chamber. As rapporteur, I have to express an average of the Senate's thought, "said Cid Gomes to the Broadcast of Estadão.

For States and municipalities, the modification of the text represents an additional transfer of about R $10 billion. But if the text is modified in the Senate, it will need to be appreciated again in the chamber.

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