Report brings the transformations of Brazilian production

The ANP recently released a special bulletin on oil and natural gas production, containing the most important transformations in the country's oil production environment in the last ten years. The report shows that many changes occurred during this period and the pre-salt became the leading frontier of the offshore deepwater industry in the world, helping Brazil jump from 13th to 10th place in the ranking of the largest oil producing countries.

According to data presented in the document, in May 2011, pre-salt production exceeded 100,000 barrels/day of oil. In June 2016, it reached 1 million barrels/day. In April 2017, pre-salt production surpassed that of post-salt. In November 2018, the accumulated production of campo de Tupi (former Lula's Field) reached 1 billion barrels.

The report, which is composed of several graphs and data, also showed that the record of Brazilian production was reached in January this year, with an average of 4.04 million boe/d.C

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