RenovaBio: ANP announces distributor targets in 2021

The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) released on Monday (29) in the Official Gazette (DOU), the individual compulsory targets for purchases of decarbonization credits (CBios) by fuel distributors in 2021, under RenovaBio, the National Biofuels Policy. The overall target for the year is 24.86 million securities, divided among the companies in the industry.

Each year the goals of each company in the sector are calculated and disclosed by the ANP, based on the goals of the National Energy Policy Council and the emission of greenhouse gases by each distributor that marketed fossil fuels in the previous year.

The fulfillment of the goal by the distributors takes place through the purchase of CBIOs, marketed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3), and can be purchased by companies to meet the target or by third parties not obliged. Each CBIO represents one ton of carbon dioxide that is no longer emitted or seven trees, thinking about carbon capture.


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