Transfer of the decrease in fuel prices may be required

We now know that when refiners lower fuel prices, gas stations are not required to pass a low for the consumer. However, progress at the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) a project that provides immediate pass-through to consumers, the reduction in fuel prices.

The bill 20/2017 is authored by Rose de Freitas Senator (PMDB-ES) and aims to make crime against the economy not the transfer of amounts in the event of lower prices in refineries. The justification of the bill would be the most recent price reduction, made by Petrobras in fuels sold in refineries, which was not felt by consumers who fuel their cars at gas stations.

According to information from Agência Senado, the proposal awaits the suggestion of amendments by the other senators. If approved, you can proceed directly to the analysis of the House of Representatives.


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