Replan sets record for oil production for ships

Last Wednesday (8), Petrobras reported that Replan (Paulínia Refinery) hit in June a new monthly production record of Bunker 2020 – fuel oil with low sulfur content used in ships – for the second consecutive month. The refinery reached the mark of 148,000 m³, 20% higher than the previous record recorded in May, which was 123,000 m³. 

According to the note published by the state, since the beginning of the year, all fuel for ships sold in Brazil and in more than 170 countries must have a content of 0.5% sulfur, according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO2020). 

In addition, the company also stated that the month of June was marked by the resumption of operations of a distillation unit (U-200A) and a catalytic cracking unit (U-220), "to meet the increased market demand for derivatives". And because of this, the refinery would have returned to have the capacity to process 69,000 m³ (million liters) of oil per day, the largest in petrobras' refining park.