Representatives of Maricá speaks at Panorama in the air on OTC 2017

The Panorama Offshore continued to cover OTC Brazil 2017 doing takes and interviews in several booths. One of them, our team spoke with representatives of Maricá, José Orlando Days (President of Codemar-Maricá development company), and with Alan Novais, Secretary of economic development, trade (industry) and oil, to a of our products: Panorama in the air, journalistic program on video (

Maricá has become this year the largest society of royalties because it is next to the fields in the pre-salt Santos basin, and close to the ascendant Field of Lula. Both the Secretary of Maricá, as President of the Codemar had already participated in the OTC in Houston, USA, at the beginning of the year, when they get information and learn about technologies for not surprisingly with the leveraged and the consolidation of new economy industries in the municipality.

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