Possibility of oil in the West of São Paulo

Blocks demarcated by the national petroleum Agency (ANP) that indicate the likelihood of oil in the West of São Paulo, led the company's Geophysical Services Wellfield Brazil Ltda, to perform a search in the region for raising data about the underground site and identify possible points of deposits. The information was given during a meeting held on Monday January 23, Wenceslaus, municipality in the State of São Paulo, between mayors of the regions and members of the Wellfiled.

The work, which should have started in February, will have the exclusive purpose of research, without exploitation or opening. The intent of this initial analysis is to identify if there are blocks the formation of hydrocarbons and so more details about possible deposits. The operation will only happen after the data are confirmed and sold to interested companies to look for oil in places. The areas of analysis include the cities of Hyderabad, Caiuá, Piquerobi, Kharkiv, Ribeirão dos Índios, Emilianópolis and Mirante do Paranapanema, São Paulo municipalities.

If confirmed the existence of deposits in the West of São Paulo, the exploration will encourage the generation of work and skilled labor as well as develop and prosper the areas and activities for oil and gas in the State and in Brazil. Not to mention the breath that the discovery will bring to the national oil prospecting and valuing the product in domestic and international markets.


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