Researchers turn crude oil into coal

With the large amount of oil scattered along the coastline of the Northeast, many people are mobilizing to help in the withdrawal of Pollutant. In view of the alarming framework, a group of researchers from the Institute of Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) had the initiative to Turn part of the oil taken from the sea into coal. The technique was tested By members of the ‘ Composting Francisco ‘ project, which works with processes of Accelerated composting. 

According to the Salvador Urban Cleaning Company (LIMPURB), the aspect of the material is slimy, so for every 20 kilos of crude oil, 200 mL of enamel remover, commercial alcohol 99% and two kilos are used Sawdust powder.

The group members developed Bioaccelerators, which are Placed inside a concrete mixer (also known as Used for mixing materials). In the next step, the chemical components Of the substance aid in the degradation of the oil and turns it into charcoal.

However, the professor at UFBA, Zenis Novais, explains that The application of coal still needs deeper studies and in addition, the Analyses depend on professionals from other areas, authorities and organs Who take care of the cleanliness of the city.


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