American reserves have a new fall

The United States has reduced its oil reserves, contrary to analysts expecting an increase, according to data from this Wednesday (21) of the American Energy Information Agency (EIA). During the week ended in sixteen

Of March, the commercial oil reserves fell 2.6 million barrels, to 428.3 million.
The inventories of the Chushing terminal, used as a reference for the quotation of the WTI in New York, went up for the second week in a row after ten weeks of falls. They had a high of 900,000 barrels, 29.4 million. The gasoline reserves lost 1.7 million barrels, while specialists expected a high of only 2,450,000.

The stocks of distillates fell 2 million barrels, while analysts estimated 2,250,000 barrels. The oil production, which was already at unprecedented levels, continued to increase. The United States extracted an average of 10,410,000 barrels a day, against 10.38 of the previous week.

The commodity exports rose to 1,570,000 of daily barrels, the highest volume since November. This confirms the United States ' privileged position on the world market. Imports have dropped to 7.1 million barrels a day, against 7.6 million week before. Source: Uol Economics.
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