ANP resolution on platform deactivation

On Monday (27), the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) published Resolution No. 817/2020, which addresses the decommissioning of oil and natural gas exploration and production facilities (E&P).

According to the ANP, "this is a milestone for industry, because modernization and simplification of procedures will provide opportunities for new business and more investments in the country." Also according to the agency, the new standard should unlock investments of about R $ 26 billion in the next five years in decommissioning services.

These resources would be invested in contracting services for arrasing and abandoning wells, removing equipment and recovering areas, among others. Moreover, the resolution also deals with the disposal and reversal of assets and the procedure for returning areas to the ANP, in order to include concessions in the permanent offer.

Finally, the new rules could be applied to the facilities with the deactivation planned for the coming years, but because of the current pandemic and production cuts, they had to advance the deactivation for this year.