Resumption of Oceanic Research Institute project

Ministry of science, technology and innovation, the Navy and the scientific community take up discussions on the Inpoh, which would put Brazil in a level of excellence in the study of the ocean. The Institute was created in 2013 as civil association and the resumption of the project can lead the way for other future social organizations supervised by the federal Government.

According to the Secretary of science, technology and innovation Brazil Navy, Admiral of the fleet Benedict Costa Lima Milk of Albuquerque Junior, the armed force has "total interest of that Inpoh if enable in the shortest possible time", the possibility to take Brazil to levels of excellence in oceanographic research and sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources.

The Director of science policies and programs of MCTI, Savio Raeder, highlighted the recent restructuring of the Ministry. "One of the most good that we had was the elevation of status of oceanographic research," commented. "What was the coordination for Sea and Antarctica is the general coordination of Oceans, Antarctica and Geosciences. This demonstrates the priority we are giving to the subject. "


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