Retraction in oil productivity in Sergipe

According to studies conducted by the National Agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP), there was a decline in the productivity of the oil, in Sergipe, in November. This fact which ran from September this year when oil demand reached the House of 903,500 barrels registering a percentage of 2.6% below their productivity in the previous month.

In early 2016, the throughput of the Sergipe petroleum reached 8,600,000 barrels equivalent having a shrinkage of 10.7% in contrast to the same month in 2015, when productivity yielded about of 9,600,000 barrels.

Initial analysis indicated that the production reached the House of 239,500 barrels of oil equivalent in the high seas, with a retraction of 4.8% over the month of August of that year, and also in comparison with the month of September was even lower, reaching 4.6%.

The demand of oil taken from the sea has yielded 26% of all. Already on land, this productivity responded by 73.5% percentage of the rest, getting in the nearest value of 663,000 barrels of oil equivalent, revealing a decrease of 1.7% over the month of August, which represented 14.5% on this same production in September last year.


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