Twist? Research points increase of jobs in the oil industry

A recent survey conducted in the city of São Paulo pointed out that employment levels are rising industries. According to the Agency, Brazil from January to March 2017, there was rise of 0.62 percent with the opening of 13500 vacancies.

Among these new ranks of jobs generated, there is good news for the oil and gas market. That's why the oil industry is among the sectors that had a higher growth and job creation in this period, with growth of 7.31 percent, registered number in São Paulo. In the interior of Sao Paulo, the oil services sector and biofuels also presented high of 8.9%.

If this trend continues, a new phase for the oil in Brazil may be rising. The crowd is so that, in addition to increasing jobs in the oil and gas area in São Paulo, this high will spread all over the Brazil along 2017.

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