Technological revolutions will be presented in Bioenergy seminar

The Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (Fapesp) in 30 November the seminar Proálcool, universities and companies: 40 years of science and technology to the Brazilian ethanol ". On occasion, they will be presented reports on the history of the Proálcool and the evolution of the use of sugar cane as main source of bioenergy in Brazil.

The seminar will feature the opening of José Goldemberg, President of FAPESP, professor emeritus at the University of São Paulo (USP), an energy expert and advocate of the use of new technologies to promote sustainable development. He'll talk about the Conference 40 Years of bioethanol in Brazil: the energy balance to sustainability.

Between the lectures of the seminars topics will evaluate the current moment of ethanol and the opportunities for bioenergy production from sugar cane. On occasion, there will be a presentation and book launch 40 years Proálcool Luiz Augusto Barbosa Cortez, organizer of the work that highlights the central role of scientific and technological research in the design and development of the program. The work of Cortez, Coordinator of international relations and interdisciplinary core energy planning (Nipe), at the University, also highlights in the book relevant facts that have occurred since the implementation of Proálcool until nowadays.



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