Rhodia may be first gas-free company

In the coming days, the chemical industrial company Rhodia will hand the federal government a plan to become the first consumer industrial gas-free from the state of São Paulo. If approved, the plan should be implemented as early as the first half of 2020 and should reduce the cost of gas at 40%.

The company did not go into detail about suppliers of the raw material, but said it has already received proposals for supplies at Competitive. “We want to anticipate the measures that will allow the price of the (in the country),” said Daniela Manique, president of solvay group in America Latin.

However, Rhodia would need access to infrastructure, today monopolized by Petrobras. However, the Termination Commitment Term (CBT) signed with the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) has a deadline for set up to December 2021, which allows a timely time for the company to organize your actions.


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