Rio de Janeiro: 3° place into gasoline more expensive

National Agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP) conducted a study on the price of gasoline in Brazil. The average price of a litre, from 22 to 28 January, was 3.765 R$. On the other hand, the average price of a litre of ethanol was in 2.929 R$.

Among the States that lead the ranking of the most expensive petrol in the country is the Rio de Janeiro, in third place, with the average of 4.046 R$. Second place went to the State of Pará with gasoline to 4.093 and R$, first of all an Acre, whose average price of fuel was in the liter 4.302 R$.

As can be noticed, the prices more expensive in three Brazilian States are all above the national average, presented by the ANP, 3.765 R$. The research of the prices charged in the country is published weekly by the ANP.

The result of the survey comes against the announcement by Petrobras, on 27 January, in which said review fuel prices. Now wait for the next report by the ANP to compare and analyze if the posts are going over the 1.4% reduction in gasoline and diesel 5.1% to consumers.


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