Rio de Janeiro may receive billions in investments with oil auctions

The State of Rio de Janeiro, which as the Offshore Panorama comes touting, is going through moments of torrid financial crisis. However, according to the national petroleum Agency (ANP), the ten oil auctions scheduled to happen in this year until 2019, can be the oxygen needed to leverage the State and the country. The calculation on ANP provides income to $ $30 billion for the river.

The value is considered the amount needed to develop the fields located on the coast of the State along the 35-year contract. The Agency portends even if the State can receive about $ $8 billion in royalties during the three and a half decades. Are estimated $ $400,000,000 other, in the same period, special equity (financial compensation that focuses on high-production fields). All this with the expectation of discovery of at least 4 billion barrels only blocks from the river.

Currently, the State of Rio de Janeiro has one of its biggest debt with the Union of R $5 billion per year, this calculation, which has been negotiated. But beyond the River, other Brazilian States should be benefited with the auctions, the ANP is forecast to generate bids $ $83 billion in investments in the country, as well as other US $125 billion in indirect investment (with the oil at $50 the barrel). And the total estimated reserve potential in the areas of auctions is about 10 billion barrels.

Foreign investors have proven quite interested in participating in next ANP bid round, according to the Director-General of the Agency, Decius Oddone, in a statement during the OTC international fair held last week in Houston, United States.

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