Rio de Janeiro takes advantage of PEC 98/2019

The Senate approved the text of PEC 98/2019, which provides for the Division of the resources of the pre-salt auction by 30% to be distributed between States and municipalities. The decision of the parliamentarians benefited, above all, the state of Rio de Janeiro, which will raise about R $2.1 billion with the sale of oil wells. Before the deal, the Cariocas would have R $326 million.

In the previous text, the PEC established a transfer of R $326 million to Rio de Janeiro. However, after the amendment presented by the Countertop representative of the State in Congress, it was agreed that this value would be R $2.1 billion, since the union agreed to give 3% of its share. In addition to the increase in the collection, the Cariocas took another advantage, since the next auction to be held will be blocks located in the state.

The SGP of the onerous assignment determines that 30% of the Government's collection with pre-salt auctions is divided between States and municipalities. In the agreement, the text also provides that the Union will give its share (70%) Additional 3% for oil producing states. These 3% correspond to R $2.1 billion to the public coffers of Rio de Janeiro. However, the government will have a total share of 67%, the municipalities shall divide 15% and the States shall repartition 15%, and additional 3% of the Union may be transferred to the producing states.

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