Rio is officially in the Free Market for Natural Gas

The state of Rio de Janeiro has definitely entered into the Free Market for Natural Gas. The event took place through a deliberation approved by the State's Energy and Basic Sanitation Regulatory Agency (Agenersa) last Thursday (29).

The decision is considered a victory for the state, since that enables competitiveness in the sector and opens doors to an environment regulatory framework, with more conditions to attract key investments to economic development.

According to the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), the New Legal Framework of Gas can generate investments of 80 billion reais in the country, and 45 billion reais could be directed to Rio de Janeiro. Also according to Firjan, for every million cubic meters/day of gas produced in Rio, there is a potential to generate an additional annual collection of more than 60 million reais in ICMS, in addition to 20 million reais in royalties and special participation for the State and municipalities of Rio de Janeiro.

"With thursday's decision, Agenersa contributes to the promotion of competition in the sector and its integration with the electrical and industrial sectors, through the harmonization of state and federal regulations," said The President of Agenersa, Tiago Mohamed.


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