Rio: reindustrialization project begins in natural gas

The kickoff of Industrializa RJ, a reindustrialization program in the state of Rio de Janeiro based on economic growth, happened last Tuesday (11). The first of several meetings that will take place with various sectors, focusing on generating growth, jobs and income for the population, was with the natural gas industry.

The meeting brought together more than 30 representatives from gas companies such as Equinor, Ternium, Braskem, Gerdau, Furnas, Natural Energy, Compass, Sepetiba Tecon and Shell, in addition to BNDES, the main infrastructure financier in Brazil. The focus was on project 4B to pre-salt natural gas flow through the Port of Itaguaí.

"We are aware that natural gas will be the fuel for our growth. We are the main energy hub national. We account for 79.3% of national oil production and 61.2% of the gas, and this is a concrete opportunity. We have received many companies multinational companies that see natural gas as a source of transition energy to their industries. We are working to create the best conditions for arrival of new ventures and the growth of those who are already in our state," said Rio Governor Cláudio Castro.


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