Rio will receive 8.2 billion in oil and can generate 20000 jobs

While Petrobras starts to show improvement in your recovery, public accounts of Rio de Janeiro portend more oxygen from projects in the oil and gas industry soon. This is because private investment in offshore area and infrastructure should generate revenues of $8.2 billion to the State of Rio de Janeiro R.

The supply should begin through the resumption in the construction of the refinery of the Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex (Comperj), in Itaboraí, who reportedly should get out of the strategic partnership between Petrobras and the Chinese CNPC. As disclosed by the Offshore companies previously Panorama signed a memorandum of understanding last week. The project must require investments between US $ $3.5 billion and $ $4 billion.

But not only the public accounts will benefit, the private projects should generate about 20000 and rights indirect jobs, mainly in the region of the lakes and North of Rio de Janeiro. The prospect of growth of oil activities stimulated the planning of terminals of Ponta Negra (TPN), on the beach of Maricá, Saquarema Jaconé.  The DTA Engineering project is aimed to meet the oil and gas industry with the development of the pre-salt fields.

Another project is being expected to São João da Barra, in the North of Rio de Janeiro. The plumb-line logistics, that operates and develops the Porto do Açu, must invest R $3 billion in the construction of a thermal power plant and a gas re-gasification station on site. What can generate, by the year 2018, 3000 new jobs. In addition to numerous other investments that are being anticipated for next year.

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