Rio goes to SUPREME COURT to recover royalties on oil

As the Offshore Panorama had already reported, the new calculation of the royalties from oil, which is set on a monthly basis by the ANP from 2018, displeased the Government of Rio de Janeiro, in particular because the State, the country's largest oil producer, may be missing out on that account.

Given this, the Attorney General of the State of Rio (PGE) was admitted to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) asking for change in the new rules for calculating the royalties, on the grounds that the State may no longer receive R $3.2 billion. The PGE from the river wants the suspension of the decision of the Government on this new calculation.

These values become even more important for the Rio de Janeiro due to the crisis that has gripped the State. Let's wait for the decision of the SUPREME COURT.

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