Risks to workers in the P&G industry

Work in the oil and gas industry poses serious risks to the health and integrity of workers in the area. Most of the major workplace accidents cause cuts, fractures, bruises and amputations. In addition to causing physical sequelae, often the danger of operating on platforms can lead professionals to death. To prevent such fatalities from occurring, it is necessary that companies in the onshore and offshore sectors invest in awareness, maintenance and prevention policies.

One of the biggest risks to professionals in the oil and gas fields is at the height of the platforms, which usually have gigantic sizes, ranging from two to 300 m. Furthermore, the workers are already in high position by themselves, because they are on the offshore, exposed to a possible fall in unprotected place. Besides operating in places that have serious risks of explosions.

A fuel or gas storage tank, for example, can have the effect of a pump. Therefore, the professional must be attentive to the Personal protective equipment (PPE), because they are anti-inflamáveis and explosion proof.

Oil industry workers are always susceptible to serious health and life hazards. The causes of an occupational accident can lead to irreparable harm in the professional’s life, such as invalidity to remain active in the market. Thus damaging not only their physical and moral integrity, but also drastically affecting their family income and livelihood.

It is not enough just to require skilled labor for good remuneration. Investing in accident prevention is a key factor for the oil and gas industry to ensure the lives of workers and become even more attractive in the eyes of the market, not only from a financial but also a social standpoint.

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