RJ mayor asks for release of R $1.25 bi from Petrobras

Marcelo Crivella, mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, requested on April 25 that the Federal Supreme Court release half of the R $2.5 billion blocked resulting from the agreement between Petrobras and the Federal prosecutor’s office. An inliminary was requested from the Minister Alexandre Moraes to release the value, with the commitment to return up to 90 days.

Petrobras closed agreement with U.S. authorities to return to investors of US $853 million, as reparation for fraud in the state. This agreement provides for the application of US $682 million in Brazil (about R $2.56 billion), and half of the value (about R $1.25 billion) would be applied to an equity fund to be managed by a private foundation.

In the document Crivella states that the city of Rio de Janeiro was heavily damaged by the corruption in Petrobras, so the mayor requested immediate release of 50% of the value for help in the city. “The city of Rio de Janeiro has suffered, more dramatically, the effects of Lava Jato.”, says part of the text.

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