Roraima adds 65 blackouts for Venezuela's transmission failures

dependent on Venezuela, Roraima has been undergoing constant electricity blackouts in the state. By September, the blackout numbers reach 65 times. The problems of electricity distribution to the Roraimans are due to interruptions in the transmission line originating from the neighboring country to the Brazilian state.

Roraima is the only state disconnected from the SIN (national interconnected system) and depends on the supply of energy by Venezuela by the company Corpoelec, since 2001, in addition to four thermoelectric plants. Of the 65 blackouts recorded this year, most of them are concentrated in the last three months, 13 in July, 10 in August and 34 in September.

The energy from the neighboring country had been left unused in September, but it returned to supply the state recently in a complementary way. Because it has a lower cost, the energy of Venezuela has priority of use, according to Eletrobras.

The state has reported that interruptions in the power supply system have occurred due to failures in the transmission line linking the state to the foreign country and which will be minimized within a month.

Also according to Eletrobras, Corpoelec is performing system maintenance and Eletrobras distribution Roraima is in the operational testing phase for a new model of operation parallel to that of Venezuela. This experimentation aims to adapt the system and deploy devices to inhibit the power outage in the main cities of the state, and in establishments such as hospitals, banks and public buildings.

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