Routine on oil rigs is for ' few '

It is common to see news related to new platform emergence, its productivity and its gains. However, there are few comments about the routine of the offshore world with its oil tanker on board. The demand for this job vacancy is constant because it is a stable and fast means of obtaining income.

To start the trajectory in the offshore world, it is necessary to carry out courses on the safety of the platform, how to extinguish fire, survive in the sea, how to enter and exit a helicopter, among others. The qualification to enter the market can be obtained through the higher courses (engineering, nursing, etc.) or by technical formations (mechanical, electrical or informatics).

Usually, during all months, workers stay 14 days on the high seas and another 14 days are of clearances. The time of the services is divided. There are workers working in the drilling rigs areas with an average duration of 12 hours, there are also the schemes called "Overwarning" in which, the employee must be 24 hours available for the completion of the work. The platform, in the first shipments, also offers psychological monitoring of new workers, in addition to providing nursing technicians 24 hours, preening the health of professionals.

With great time on board, companies invest in the best to offer comfort and tranquility. On the platforms, in addition to the work environments, the crew has access to rooms, gyms, cafeterias, cinemas, sports courts, telephone rooms, internet, and even saunas. Meals happen six times a day, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, intercalated with snacks during the routine.

The life of the boarded is a little difficult, but many opt for it due to its benefits and advantages. Continue keeping informed about everything what happens in the market of oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Check it out at: and Remember, your business comes through here!


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