oil royalties increase revenue from the federal government

Driven by the oil sector, through royalties, the federal government had a leveraged in its tax collection in the first two months of the year. Data from the Internal Revenue Service February, showed a growth of 71.61% in the first quarter 2017. Since only the royalty payment provided to the government R $ 6.562 billion in January and February.

According to information from the head of Tax Studies Centre and Customs Internal Revenue Service, Claudemir Malaquias, the actual increase in revenue last month was 0.36% and this percentage had direct influence of received royalties values. According to Malachi, the oil and gas sector is recovering very well, mainly because last year the area had a very poor performance.

Federal revenues, adding royalties and other taxes, totaled R $ 92.35 billion last month to the Brazilian government. This is a factor that shows strong signs of warming in the industry and allows us to speculate that a positive tide will be coming very soon.


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